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What does an Interior Designer do?

What will an Interior Designer help me with?

A good interior designer will help you to define your style, and design your space to not only be a reflection of your personality, but also a functional space that makes the most out of your time and money.

Interior designers are not just for the rich and famous, in fact a good interior designer can help you save money, by avoiding costly mistakes! They can also save you time and stress, so what do you have to lose?

The Vision

You might have the pinterest board but in reality you get stumped at how to take it from there into your space. The decisions can become overwhelming and you end up losing motivation with completing the space. A good interior designer should be able to work with you to work out exactly what you need, before maybe you’ve even realised it yourself!


When the decisions are rolling in, and you are being asked from builders about finishes or paint colours, making on the spot decisions will lead to a piecemeal approach that wont bring the coherent look you are looking for. Having a plan before you start a project, will ensure that not only the project runs smoothly, but also that you end up with a result you love! “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

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In the end an interior designer WILL inevitably save you money. We’ve all been there, we love the picture / sideboard / cushion, but when we get it home it’s too big / small / the wrong colour. With an interior designer you will be buying items once and buying well. You will see how the smaller items make the bigger picture, because you already have the bigger picture planned. With our way of working too (see blog post here about hoe our e-design package works), you can purchase the items, as and when you want, as and when your budget allows! You are in control!

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You will save time and stress! What might have taken you a few days to pull together, will take an interior designer a few hours. Most of our clients have visions of the space they want, but they just don’t physically have the time to spare to dedicate to planning it. A good interior designer knows exactly where to shop for certain items, saving you time researching prices, products, and quality.

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A fresh pair of eyes on a space you have looked at for years will bring all sort of unique suggestions. So if you’re struggling to hide those kids toys, or need a bedroom that also works as an office, having a specialist look at it for you will give you many more ideas than you could have come up with by yourself.


If you think you could do with some help turning your house into a home, then get in touch, with prices stating at £250 per room we’re ready to bring your space to life!

This is for you if...

You want to do most of the work, or manage the tradesmen that will do the work for you.

You want to purchase mid-range products and are happy to shop for them yourself.

You're looking for a budget friendly way to work with an interior designer to create your dream space.

This isn't for you if...

You want a truly custom look for your home with only the highest quality priducts.

You want everything done for you. This service is a collaborative service, client led and designer supported.

You need to make structural changes to the room including plumbing & electrics - we will need to work together slightly differently to make those kind of changes.


Your investment:

£250 per room



Schedule your free discovery call to start the process!

"We didn't know where to start - we had a vision but we just couldn't get there by ourselves. Francesca brought our vision to life for us”
Ben - Wimbledon
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