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Tired of making the wrong choices??

Ok so you've spent hours on Pintrest, Instagram and've watched all the Changing Rooms and Interior Design Masters shows and you think you know what you're doing...then you go out buy everything you think you need, choose what you think are the right colours but when you put it all together it looks like nothing you expected and you feel disappointed... sound familiar?

What if?

You could get an experienced interior designer to support you without a large financial commitment? How amazing would it be to have someone make your shopping list for you? How much easier would it be if a designer could narrow down your paint choices for you before you even begin?

Introducing... E-Design!

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A quick, easy and accessible solution for anyone that is after a bit of interior design advice and support but is happy to do a bit of the leg work themselves!

You tell us what space you want to work on, or what design problems you have and we will work together to create a functional, beautiful space that you love. 

But how does it work?

Following our tried and tested method, our quick and easy 6 step plan will leave you feeling confident and ready to create a space you love, as and when your budget and time allows. To find out more about our 6 step plan CLICK HERE!

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Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

This is for you if...

You want to do most of the work, or manage the tradesmen that will do the work for you.

You want to purchase mid-range products and are happy to shop for them yourself.

You're looking for a budget friendly way to work with an interior designer to create your dream space.

This isn't for you if...

You want a truly custom look for your home with only the highest quality products.

You want everything done for you. This service is a collaborative service, client led and designer supported.

You only want luxury items. This service supports clients with affordable interior design suggestions. 


Your investment:

£250 per room



Schedule your free discovery call to start the process!

"We didn't know where to start - we had a vision but we just couldn't get there by ourselves. Francesca brought our vision to life for us”
Ben - Wimbledon
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