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How to mix woods in your home!

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But really, is it ok to mix different types of wood? …if I had £1 for every time I got asked this question I’d be a very rich lady…(for the sake of clarity, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!) However, mixing different types of woods in your home can feel daunting - Will they go? Should they match? How many is too many? So I thought I would give you the key steps I try and follow when it comes to mixing and matching wood tones in your home. As with everything interior design, there is no one size fits all answer, so feel free to pick out the suggestions that resonate with you!
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Step one is to try and work out what your dominant wood tone is. Usually this would be your floor, or maybe kitchen cabinetry. If you currently don’t have any wood in your room, then this will be the biggest piece of wooden furniture, maybe a dining table or sideboard.

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Photo: Pinterest

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Step two is to look at the undertones in the wood. If you have warm undertones in your wood, then it will work well with other woods that are also warm (Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Maple all have warm undertones). Similarly if your undertone is cooler (stained charcoals, stained bark etc) then other cooler tones will sit nicely with it.

Photo: Etsy

Step three is to have some fun with it! You can either go the complementary way, or contrasting, both of which can work well. My top tip here though is if you are going to contrast then really contrast, so for example if you have a light oak, contrast it with a dark Walnut. If you try and contrast but loose your nerve half way, you won’t achieve the look you’re after.

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Photo: Pinterest

The last step, is to make sure the look is balanced. As with everything interiors, we want a sense of balance in the room, so make sure that you have evenly spread out your wood tones throughout your space. If you could do with a helping hand, then reach out and see if we can help!

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