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How to create the perfect gallery wall

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Whilst a lot of people may have thought that a gallery wall was a passing trend, I can assure you that this way of displaying your photos and prints is here to stay! Not only does a gallery wall give you the opportunity to show off your beautiful family photos or prints, but it can also add a long lasting visual interest to your space.
There are however a couple of top tips and tricks that will make your gallery wall coherent, unique and beautiful.
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1. Find a common theme

If you like mixing your vintage and modern, then a gallery wall could be just for you. However, it is important that your gallery has a common theme, so that it looks coherent and well planned. The common theme could be the colours in the photos / prints, for example they could all be black and white images, or they could all have blue tones in them. Or it could be the colour of your frames that are all the same. You could also purchase a set of prints that already have a theme in them!

2. Choose your space

Gallery walls can literally go anywhere in your home. Maybe you have a dead wall above your sofa? Or would like some interest up your stairs? Or above a child’s desk space to encourage them? My top tip would be to layout your gallery wall on the floor in front of your planned wall. Whilst mistakes can easily be filled, its better to try and get it right first time. Try and mix your size of frames and prints, but a top tip would to try your best to keep the gaps between each print the same. If you are going up the stairs, measure from the floor to your fist print and make sure as you go up the stairs you try and keep that same distance – same from the top. This will make sure that your wall looks well put together and coherent.

3. Mix it up!

Gallery walls don’t just have to be for prints and photos. Adding in a few different items, such as signs, wall hangings and other objects, will add depth and dimension to your wall. Just try and keep to the same rule as with the prints and keep the gaps between pieces the same.

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