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Dead Salmon or Arsenic?

Choosing the right paint for your home can be a difficult task, so whether you are looking for a dead salmon, a disco nap or arsenic (yes they are all names of paint colours!) let us help you in making sure they are right for your space.

Test, test, test

After getting your tester pots the first step is NOT to paint the walls - I know that sounds counter-intuitive! Instead paint some pieces of paper! Ideally paint 3 or 4 sheets of paper in the same colour and be sure to make a note of what the colour is on the sheet (voice of experience!)!


Photo: House Beautiful


Place your sheets of paper on different walls in the space you are looking to paint, and then ignore them. You don't want to make any decisions until the paint is completely dry. You also want to see the paint colours in different lights (artificial / natural), at different times of the day and also in different weather conditions. You don't want to pick a colour that is too bright in the sunshine or too dark on an overcast day.

dulux testers.jpg

Photo: Bloom

Still need help?

If you are struggling to work out which white is right, or what accent colours go with your scheme, why not check out our paint colour guide? With go-to paint colours you can implement without even thinking about it!

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