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How to choose a Christmas Colour Palette

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A Christmas colour palette? What is that and why on earth do I need one?
Creating a Christmas colour palette will make sure that you have direction with you Christmas decorating, making sure that it all goes together and gives you the look and, more importantly, the feel that you want! Red, Green and Gold may be the traditional colours of Christmas, but you really can use any colours you like! 
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Firstly, have a look around your home currently. Your Christmas decor will be coming in to compliment what you already have in your home, so it's important that you choose colours that will compliment the space as it is already. If for example, you have a dark blue sofa, maybe think about adding some dark blue to your tree! Its a good idea to choose a couple of colours and then use different shades of that colour. It will add depth and interest to your decorations, without it being too overwhelming!

Once you've chosen one or two colours for your decorations, you actually get a few freebies thrown in! Greens from fresh or faux greenery are a must! Any shade of green will do, and will compliment any scheme you go with!

A second freebie colour is metallics! You might have already used these in your original palette, but if not, a shimmering gold or silver will add a a touch of luxury to your scheme!

If you are still feeling a bit lost, I have added some inspirational colour palettes below for you to steal!!

All photos from @Pinterest

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