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Top Lighting Tips for your home!

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You can't ever under estimate the impact lighting can have in your home! Planning the lighting in your home is one of the key elements of the design process and ensuring you have layered lighting throughout is key! In this post I will share with you soe of my top tips on how to illuminate your home beautifully with style and functionality!
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Photo: @Francesca.Harris.Design

Layered Lighting

One of the most common mistakes I see with lighting, is that a lot of us just don't have enough lighting options! A beautifully lit room needs to have a mix of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is your overall lighting (usually a central light), task lighting is usually there to support with a task (like a desk lamp) and accent lighting is there to add a bit of drama to your space or highlight an area (for example spotlights in an alcove). When planning your space it's important to consider all of these options!


Photo: Francesca Harris Design



Make sure you have the most efficient lighting by using LED lighting throughout. Furthermore, consider using bulbs similar to the Philips Hue Light bulbs. They can be automated and can be set to come on and off when you need. You can also get rechargeable bulbs like these - this means that you can have that table lamp wherever you want without worrying about where the plug socket is! When choosing your bulbs make sure to consider the colour of them - warmer tones (around 2700K) are perfect for living areas as they create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Coolers tones (3500k and above) are great for task lighting, or in bathrooms and kitchens, but be careful not to go too cool as you will make your space instantly feel cold and uninviting. 

Photo: Francesca Harris Design

Statement Light fixtures

Think of your main light fixture as the central part of your scheme and not an after thought. Choose fixtures that compliment the rest of your space and add a bit of personality, whether its a central light or wall sconces. They should look as beautiful when they are turned off as when they are turned on!


Photo: Francesca Harris Design

Maximise natural light

Lastly, don't forget to maximise the natural light you have in your space! Natural light not only enhances your space, but it has been proven to really help improve your mood! A quick trick for increasing the natural light in your home, if you're struggling, is to use mirrors! Let the natural light you have in the space bounce around as much as possible!

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