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Why a moodboard is an essential part of your design planning

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When starting out with decorating or renovating any part of your home, once you have found your inspiration, your next step should be to create a moodboard. Why? Because a moodboard brings all your inspirational ideas to life in one place so you can really make sure that your design is going in the direction you want it to go.
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Photo: @Francesca.Harris.Design

Once you have trawled through pinterest and have all the pins and beautiful images, how are you then supposed to turn that into a reality in your home? Like with anything, it's all about taking it step by step, and the next step after finding your inspiration is to create a moodboard.

But why? Having a moodboard allows you to collect your ideas and thoughts all in one place. You can make sure that you always have the bigger picture in mind and not get too fixated on one element. You can chop and change your thoughts and ideas to make sure that you create the space you're dreaming of.

So how? This is actually a lot simpler than you might think! There are 2 ways you can go about this - you can either do a virtual one, or you can collect all your samples together and have a physical one. When I work with my clients, 99% of the time I use a virtual one with them - so that's what I am going to talk you through today.

The easiest way I find to start, is to work around a piece of furniture, or a pattern, or paint colour that you know is a must-have in the room. Usually this is a piece of furniture that you're not changing, or that you've already chosen. Once you have this, you can then use the images you have as inspiration and build it out from there. I would suggest using a platform like canva to create your moodboards - its super simple to use and the free version works well for what you will need it for!

If this still feels a little bit far off for you, then be sure to check out my 50 moodboards for £50, available in downloadables here! They are a set of 50 moodboards, covering off every room in the house! You simply click on the items and purchase when you're ready - all the hard work has been done for you! 

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Photo: Francesca Harris Design

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