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How to use pattern in your home!

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Using pattern in your home injects personality, colour and warmth, but it can be totally daunting! So where do you start? I have pulled together my top tips to help you get started!
...and before you think pattern is just for the maximalists - I'm here to show you that it totally isn't!
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Photo: @Francesca.Harris.Design

In my opinion, a pattern needs to be used to highlight a space or an area in your home, so if you want to highlight a window, think of using pattern in curtains, if you want to draw your eye to a seating area then use pattern in a rug or cushions. 

If you're not sure where to start with pattern, then first think about your colour palette. Choose one pattern that you really love and use that as your base. From there think about using other patterns that have a similar shade, by sticking to a colour palette of a handful of colours, you will make sure that your patterns don't look confused.

Make sure you mix up the size of your patterns, go for small, medium and large scale patterns and use them in varying amounts. There are no rules with the size of the pattern and the size of the item, so don't think that extra large patterns should be saved for extra large items! Mix it up and don't worry about it!


Photo: @Studio McGee

One last top tip for you! Lots of wallpaper and fabric brands often produce whole collections where the patterns that go together have already been collated for you! Oka is a great example of this in their cushions, they show you exactly which cushions of theirs go with each other! This way, the risk is totally taken away and you can choose from the selection they have narrowed down for you already!

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