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Where and how do I use dark paint colours in my home?

It's easy to assume that using a dark paint in your home will make it feel gloomy and smaller, but that really isn't the case! In the right space a dark colour can make a room feel cosy and even energising! So how do you know where and when to use a dark colour?

There are a couple of easy top tips when it comes to using dark paint in your home! Firstly, the smaller the space, the bigger the impact a dark paint can have! So think about using dark paints in downstairs toilets, or small box rooms - these are the perfect spaces for you to flex your bold paint muscles! Secondly, if you are wary of using a dark paint everywhere, then ease yourself in with a feature wall! If you aren't sure which wall to paint as a feature wall, just choose the one that your eye lands on first when you enter the room.

If you're feeling braver then go for a bigger space with a bold colour, and compliment it with some contrasting accessories and flooring - if your walls are dark think about going for a lighter flooring, or a bright lampshade to pop against it!

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