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Do's and Don'ts when decorating your downstairs loo

Often tucked away, hidden in a corner and lacking in space, a downstairs toilet can often be overlooked when it comes to Interior décor! However, in my opinion, what is often the smallest room in the house offers the biggest opportunity in terms of design! I have pulled together my do's and don'ts when it comes to decorating this space! Don't be scared to go bold and push your limits to make this a real "wow" space!

  1. DO Choose lighting carefully!

If you have lower ceilings and a small space then a flush spotlight will do the job, but maybe consider adding a couple of wall lights either side of the mirror. If you have a higher ceiling then definitely consider a larger pendant light.

2. DON'T be scared of colour

Due to the smaller nature of the space, and usually they don't have any windows, there is a massive opportunity to go bold with colour! If you don't have any light in the space then think about going dark with deep blues or green and embrace the fact there isn't any natural light.

3. DO think about storage

Whether its choosing a vanity unit under the sink, or choosing a wall cabinet, having somewhere to store those essentials will really help keep the place looking fresh and uncluttered.

4. DON'T avoid wallpaper

This space is the perfect place to add a bit of statement wallpaper! You could even try adding it to the ceiling too?? You don't need to worry about it "Tying-in" with the rest of your house, as whatever you go for won't be visible with any other area of the house as you will always have the door closed on it!

5. DO consider patterned floor tiles

Just like with the wallpaper, experimenting with a patterned floor tile, think about a pattern or even a pop of colour to add extra interest!

6. DON'T forget to use mirrors

Using mirrors in a small space will make it feel bigger by bouncing the light around! If you do have a window then place it opposite the window to get the most out of the light in the room!

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