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Decorating on a budget

We all know that prices are rising, but that doesn’t necessarily need to mean that your renovation plans need to go on hold! In fact according to Rated People in a recent survey 1 in 3 of us are planning to do renovations in our home this year! So if you’re struggling for inspiration then check out my top tips below on how to have high impact with your plans, whilst keeping costs low!

Paint options

Instead of re-painting a whole room, why not consider painting just one wall and creating an accent wall? Less paint makes it a bit more wallet friendly, whilst still having a real impact!

Let there be light!

Changing your light fixtures is an easy way to update your space! Why not consider buying second hand? Or check out the auction sites to get your dream fitting at a fraction of the cost! Remember, you want your lighting to be layered - so some high (ceiling lighting), mid (floor lamps) and lower (table lighting). Also, make sure that you have a mix of task and ambient lighting!

Need a new kitchen? Or do you?

If your kitchen could do with an upgrade, but the eye-watering costs of a new one makes it unachievable then why not consider giving your current one a facelift? If the carcases of your kitchen are in good condition, then think about just getting new doors! You can purchase from the original supplier, or check out a well known auction site and pick them up for a rock bottom price! You can easily fit them yourself and paint in any colour you like!

Have a move around!

If you’re anything like me, when you were younger you were constantly moving your bedroom furniture around! Well don’t stop now! We all get used to how our homes look and rarely think about moving our furniture around! Have a real think and see if your space could be better used, maybe moving the sofa to a different wall, or changing the direction of the bed would give you the extra space you’ve been craving! It’s completely understandable that sometimes you have to move things around to be able to visualise a space in new ways, so have a reshuffle with the items you already have before you buy anything new!  

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