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Bathroom Tiles don't have to be boring!

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom tiles, which is why it can sometimes feel overwhelming when it comes to choosing not only the style and colour but also the layout. For that reason I thought I would share with you some inspirational images and ideas of how you could use tiles in a slightly different way in your own home!
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First up, one that has become very popular of late, laying your tiles in a chevron pattern. This is a great way to make a feature of your tiles but not actually have to spend a fortune on the tile itself. Standard metro tiles work well for this layout that will give you a modern twist on a classic look.

Get that spa like feel

Marble is a great way to get that spa like feel at home, especially if you use the same tiles on the floor and on the walls. Marble is a timeless, classic option that will always have an air of glamour and luxury. It’s also worth checking out the marble replicas that are on the market, these can be not only cheaper but require less maintenance than the real thing.

Use multiple colours

Arrange your varying colours in a unique and dramatic pattern to create that “wow” effect. A top tip would be to make sure that you have your pattern / design drawn out before you start, to avoid costly mistakes! Let the design take the centre stage and pair it back with simple fixtures and a more neutral paint colour to create a chic, contemporary look.

Modern Terrazzo

This style is perfect if you are looking to be bang on trend! Its lovely if you want to add just a bit of colour to your space but keep a neutral undertone. Real terrazzo can be very expensive, so it’s worth considering a terrazzo-effect tile as an alternative!

Mix Patterns

Don’t be scared to mix your patterns. The key here is to keep the colours of the tiles the same but to mix the pattern. Also, try and make sure that one of the patterns is a bit more detailed and the other one is a bit more simple, that way they won’t compete with each other in the space.