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5 ways to make your home feel Christmassy on a budget

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…yes Christmassy is a word! As December hits, its time to start thinking about making your home feel Christmassy and cosy. However, we are all feeling the pinch this year, so how can we update our homes without spending a fortune? Here are a few of my top tips that are not only good for your pocket, but also the environment!
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Keep the Tree Simple

Yes we’d all maybe like to have a new colour scheme on the tree each year, but not only will it cost a fortune, it’s also not great for the environment! My top tip is to keep it simple by going in with lights, lights, lights and then going minimal on the baubles and decorations. When choosing any decorations, choose a colour you are drawn to and just stick with it, then every year you can add to it slowly and build up a lovely collection of items you actually love, rather than just buying for buying sake.

Go Low Key

There are a few Christmas decorations that have major impact with minimal spend and time. A great example of this is foliage and garlands. Get your scissors out, go into the garden, or even better down some country lanes and grab your self some foliage. A few sprigs of eucalyptus in a vase can have a beautiful impact (and will also make the house smell amazing!). If you go with a garland, you can go for a cheaper one that you can bring out year after year but poke through some fresh foliage to bulk it out, add some pine cones or wooden beads for a scandi feel.

Use the smaller places

If you don’t have loads of room for decorating then think about using your surfaces and dead corners. This could be on top of sideboards or console tables or even just a bit of space on a shelf. It can be as simple as a little scene of bottle brushes, or a couple of cute little houses, but will add that little bit of magic sparkle.


You cant go wrong with adding some fairy lights into your decorations. My personal  favourite are the copper wire lights – they’re super delicate so when off they don’t stand out too much, but when they’re on they add a lovely warm glow.